12. – 13. APRIL

Mosetertoppen Dahlie Swix Rema1000 Renault Rema1000 Swix Dahlie Mosetertoppen Renault
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    But first – Janteloppet!

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  • Janteloppet

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  • Janteloppet


  • Take on a challenge that is both tough and scenic. The 220km’s long race stretches across beautiful winter landscapes along Luleälven.

  • A race with historical background. Nordenskiöldsloppet follows the original track from 1884 as close as possible, you’ll almost ski in Pavva-Lasse Nilsson Tuord’s tracks.

  • 500 tough skiers will be standing on the starting line and heading off together. Can anyone of them be faster than the record of 21 hours and 22 minutes?